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Both, Magnesium Chloride and Lignin Sulfonate, are environmentally friendly products and come from nature itself. Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2) sounds like a harsh chemical buts it’s actually very environmentally safe and comes from a naturally occurring process. To get the MgCl2 that is used for dust control water is separated from the Great Salt Lake into large evaporation ponds. As the sun evaporates the water out of the ponds certain minerals that were in the water get left behind. Some minerals, such as potash, are taken out and sold for fertilizer and other uses. The remaining liquid is drained into different evaporation ponds that allowed to sit longer so other minerals can be taken out and sold. This process is repeated several times until the liquid in the pond meets an equilibrium where the hygroscopic minerals pull as much water from atmosphere as the sun is pulling out of the pond and the pond will stay at the same level. What remains in those ponds is MgCl2, an all natural environmentally friendly product that uses those same hygroscopic properties but now it’s to hold moisture in the road and bind the dirt together for road stabilization.

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