Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is Magnesium Chloride and where does it come from?
      Liquid Magnesium Chloride is a naturally-occurring mineral produced through solar evaporation from the Great Salt Lake.
    • How does Magnesium Chloride suppress the dust?
      This naturally-occurring mineral is hygroscopic, which continuously absorbs moisture from the air, literally traps water and locks it in. This unique reaction stabilizes dirt surfaces, and, in turn, suppresses dust. The result is a hard-packed, dust-free road. In addition, an ion exchange happens between the positive and negative charges further binding the road together.
    • How much does it cost/save?
      “Cost Analysis show a 30-46% reduction in total annual maintenance cost for treated test sections over the untreated test section.” Magnesium Chloride also saves you money because there is a “42-61% reduction in total aggregate loss when unpaved roads are treated”. Actual prices vary by location and quantity, and are available by contacting Pacific Dust Control.
    • Is Magnesium Chloride environmentally safe?
      Not only is Magnesium Chloride approved by the EPA, but it is also used in several environmentally sensitive areas such as U.S. Forest roads. Furthermore, Magnesium Chloride can help companies comply with PM-10 regulations, provide clean air, cleaner vehicles and homes, and promotes better health.
    • Do I need to keep kids and pets indoors for a period of time after you spray?
      No. Magnesium Chloride is a non-toxic and very environmentally friendly product, and there’s no odor during or after spraying. Not only is Magnesium Chloride non-toxic, but it actually helps prevent airborne disease.
    • Do I need you to spray twice?
      The product is most effective for approximately 90 days, therefore depending on the length of time the product is needed to last, a second application may be needed to continue to reduce the dust in your area.
    • Is there a Material Safety Data Sheet available?
      Yes, we can easily email or fax you a copy at your request. Simply contact us by email (sales@pacificdustcontrol.com), telephone, or by filling out a contact form.

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