Horse Arena DustGard FAQs

Watch a video to see how DustGard can control the dust in your Horse Arena

    • What is DustGard and where does it come from?
      DustGard is mainly made up of liquid Magnesium Chloride and is a naturally-occurring mineral produced through solar evaporation from the Great Salt Lake.
    • How does DustGard suppress the dust?
      The naturally-occurring minerals in DustGard are hygroscopic, which means they continuously absorbs moisture from the air, literally trapping water and locking it in. This unique reaction stabilizes dirt surfaces and in turn suppresses dust, the result makes the dust particles heavier for a dust-free Arena.
    • How much does it cost/save?
      Prices vary by location and quantity. Free Quotes are available by contacting Pacific Dust Control. DustGard can create large savings in fuel for a water truck, time, water, and hassel of frequently watering and getting the right amount of moisture.
    • Is DustGard environmentally safe?
      Not only is DustGard approved by the EPA but it is also used in used in several environmentally sensitive areas such as U.S. Forest Service areas and near water sources. Furthermore, Dustgard can help provide clean air, cleaner facilities, and promotes better health for you and your horse.
    • Do I need to keep people and animals out of the arena for a period of time after applying DustGard?
      DustGard is a non-toxic and very environmentally friendly product, and there’s no odor during or after spraying. Not only is DustGard non-toxic, but it actually helps prevent airborne disease. Once treated, a arena will need a couple days to set up and dry out before riding because it will be extremely wet.
    • How long does it last?
      The amount of time the DustGard will last depends on a couple of factors. First, is the footing material in your arena. It has lasted well over a year in an arena that soaks up water easily and retains the moisture. If water drains through the footing and doesn’t soak up water then subsequently the DustGard will also drain through the footing and won’t last as long. Second, is the weather. If it’s an outdoor arena then it can slowly dilute away with heavy rains. DustGard in covered arenas will last longer.
    • Is there a Material Safety Data Sheet available?
      Yes, we can easily email or fax you a copy at your request, simply contact us by email (, calling, or by filling out a contact form.

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