Gilliardi Logging & Construction Inc has used the dust control product
that Pacific Dust Control applies for three years. We have an extremely dusty area
where 5-8 semi-trucks pulling trailers go in and out daily and they can
raise a lot of dust on the gravel area. The product is applied so well
that we don’t have any dust problems at all from the time it is put down
to the heavy fall/winter rains. It’s perfect for what we need and
Roadwise does an excellent job both in working with us to schedule to
application and the success of the product applied.
Paulette Gilliardi
Tacoma, WA

Mckinney has utilized Roadwise for the past four years to control the dust in our trailer rental yard. Prior to Roadwise we had to water the yard on a continual basis to control the dust. With Roadwise we put down one application in the spring and we are good for the rest of the summer. Daniel and his team are a great group of people to work with and I have no problem recommending them to anyone.
Casey Sherman, Operations Manager
Mckinney Vehicle Services

Auburn, WA

We live on a very dusty road, and have had pacific dust control treat our road with a non-oil dust control formula that is environmentally friendly. Their customer service is great and we have recommended them to our neighbors. Just remember to drive over the treated area slowly for a day or so, until it permeates the road.
Karen S.
Puyallup, WA

Thank you for the great service and time you spent to make sure our road was done right. We are very pleased with the results and love having a dust free road.
Debra T.
Vancouver, WA